Dynamic sand or snow

hey guys, how can i make dynamic snow or sand that can effected by foot step or anything that move on it???

Hello @shervin_d, thanks for creating your first topic! Something like that is quite a big ask on the forums here and I’m sure you’d find it much more fun figuring out how to do this yourself :slightly_smiling_face:.

I can’t really help here as I don’t know much about game development but I recommend that you narrow down on a particular issue that you are stuck on and better structure your question around it as it might encourage somebody who does know about that specific part to help you.

Good luck!

What do you mean by dynamic? Are you talking about implementing a weather system?

I was working on something similar recently however scrapped the project to use Enviro instead. It isn’t a cheap asset but if you have some funding for your game then it is a massive time saver:

no, i mean the sand or the snow on the ground can be effected by objects, like when you walk on snow, you can see your foot steps or when something falls, it goes in to the snow