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Learn how to take advantage of all the new Core Data features introduced in iOS 15 to make your SwiftUI apps even more powerful.

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Is there a way to make this work with large data sets?

Below creates 1000 records and the app becomes sluggish and slow to respond, is this a flaw in SwiftUi?

  private func addTestFriends() {
    let request = Friend.fetchRequest()
    let context = PersistenceManager.shared.persistentContainer.viewContext
    do {
      if try context.count(for: request) == 0 {
        for number in 1...1000 {
          try Friend.generateTestFriends(in: context)
    } catch {
      print("Error generating friends: \(error)")

Hi. Do you mean it becomes sluggish while the load is happening or for the entire time after you add the records?