DreamWalker WatchOS app doesn't work

Hi. I am reading the 22nd chapter of the book “WatchOS by Tutorial” and I followed the steps up to page 411 (“Running the apps on your devices”). I already had to correct a bug that caused the app to crash because in the WalksTableViewController the casts to CGFloat caused an EXC_ARM_BREAKPOINT exception ( to fix it I had to change the cast from CGFloat to Int instead). After correcting this bug the app worked without crashing, but I can’t get pedometer data (the steps are always 0). It prints this error on the console:

“2017-08-25 23:09:25.311531+0200 DreamWalker WatchKit Extension[289:635237] CoreLocation: Error occurred: The operation couldn’t be completed. (CMErrorDomain error 105.)”

From what I understand it’s about permissions. But I have the “motion and fitness” option already enabled. Any help please?

@audrey Can you please take care of this one when you actually get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

You also need to set a NSMotionUsageDescription in Info.plist. It’s one of the Privacy items in the dropdown menu.

Sorry for missing this — I fixed it for the upcoming update.

Ok, I added the NSMotionUsageDescription key in the info.plist file. At first I thought that the project still had problems, because I added it in the info.plist file of the extension target, instead of adding in the plist file of the iOS app target. I corrected that, and although I’m still getting this warning:

“2017-08-26 17:20:57.829350+0200 DreamWalker WatchKit Extension[228:82626] [default] -[SPRemoteInterface _interfaceControllerWithID:]:2397: ComF: interfaceController for interfaceControllerID:E30002 not found (clientIdentifier=(null))”

the project works and the steps are actually updated. Thank you for the help.

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