Download ebook in ePUB Format


I bought a monthly Subscription as I saw we can download courses in ePUB format but I can’t find from where to download them.

The only option that seem to be available is “Start reading” but then it starts the web reader. Could you please let me know where I can access the ePUB-formatted ebook?

Thank you


Hi @al6526, when you are on the book’s main page you can click on “Access other versions and formats”. This should then show you a list of ePubs you can download.


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Many thanks for your reply! :blush:

I double-checked on the page like you just said, but unfortunately I can only see the 4 links below:

  • Start reading
  • Download supporting materials (which shows the code on Github)
  • Discuss on the forums
  • Buy paperback (Amazon)

But I can’t see anywhere the “Access other versions and formats” link.

Can you please let me know where exactly you see that link?

Thank you again for your help,

Update: For reference, I added a screenshot of what my screen looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 2.26.56

cc @chrisrazeware if you have an idea

Hey @al6526: books available through a subscription can be read through our online reader only. Epub downloads are available to people who purchase the book individually. Hope that helps clear things up - reach out if I can help further!

Would be really good to know that before i signed the pro subscription! I already bought 6 Books and I loved them. I read them all on my iPad and annotate/mark them with PDF Expert. Works great for me. (Was all I need. It is way more comfy to mark with the pencil, you have a full text search and more.) So I decided to get the subscription. Now to hear that does not work with the subscription is really a bummer :frowning:

I just bought a iPad 12.9 wifi only. Now I have to be always online to read a book, great :face_vomiting: don’t get me wrong, you make awesome content. But not the get a PDF is really a pain in the ass


I had the same problem. According to the FAQ, it is available in ePUB format. I subscribed intending to read them in my iPad and just saw it was not possible.

Here is the FAQ quote:



I’m now in the same boat. I’ve purchased quite a few of your books over the years and thought the subscription was a great idea… only to find that I can’t download ePubs of the books I want to read. Nor, it would seem, can I even purchase the book!

Now I’m stuck. Access to the videos requires a subscription, but subscriptions prevent me from downloading books to read offline on my iPad Pro. And iPad reading was what attracted me to your offerings in the first place!

I get that you basically don’t want subscribers to download everything and then quit, but this change really screws over your long time customers.

I suggest that you strongly consider allowing customers to be able to download books, perhaps limiting them to one a month or something like that. As is, I’m probably going to seriously reconsider my subscription plan.

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Hello. I just subscribed as I thought I could stream the videos online and read the eBooks offline. As harimasora I read the FAQ section on your subscription page and it clearly states all books are downloadable as ePub. Now I learned that’s not true. I’m very disappointed as I checked all information available before getting a subscription.

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I bought the pro subscription mainly because I wanted to read ePub version of books.
You make me (and as I see a lot of people) wrong writing in FAQ that all books are also available in ePUB format!


Hi folks — I appreciate your comments. To let you know, we’re currently cleaning up the FAQ to be more clear about how the online book subscriptions work, and we’re also looking into the effort required to support offline reading for subscribers as well!

I applied for a subscription saying that I can definitely receive the epub file. This is clearly seen as a violation of the contract, and we hope that you resolve it as soon as possible. If not, we will refund your subscription.

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pretty unhappy about this. Can I cancel my pro subscription and go back to reading the books the way I prefer to? I mean, I can’t even make highlights when reading them on my iPad. Not cool.

I don’t think anyone assumed we’d be losing capabilities when we decided to support RW by subscribing.


Ditto - full access shouldn’t be restricted access

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HI, this is of major interest to me. did you guys ever come to a resolution for downloading epubs while under a pro subscription?

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I’m in the same boat with the lack of ePUB. I cancelled my subscription over this. That being said, until my subscription ends, I cannot for the life of me find a way to BUY the ePUB versions. I (now) understand it wasn’t part of the subscription, fair enough, I’ve cancelled, now I want to buy the book. I can’t find anyway to do so.

Each time I write to RW to say, hey where can I buy this, I end up getting some URL where I can buy the book. But I really really don’t want to do so every time I want to buy a book.

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So I just found a way to buy the ePUBs. This is a huge bug and blind spot for RW. If you create a NEW and FREE tier account, then you can buy ePUB versions of the books, but none of the UI for doing so is shown in paid subscription accounts.


Well, now at least I can get the books I want.

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This was extremely frustrating as a subscriber too. I was going on vacation and planned to download some epubs on my iPad for offline reading. Nowhere to be found…