Does this book replace SwiftUI by tutorials?


Does this book replace SwiftUI by tutorials or is the idea to do this one first and SwiftUI by tutorials goes deeper into the framework?


Hi @iosdevereaux!

SwiftUI Apprentice is for people who are new to iOS and Swift programming, whereas SwiftUI by Tutorials is for people who already know how to write apps using UIKit.

The description for SwiftUI by Tutorials says:

How is this book different than SwiftUI Apprentice?

Our other book on getting started with SwiftUI, SwiftUI Apprentice, is designed to teach new developers how to build iOS apps, using a SwiftUI-first approach. The goal of that book is to teach you fundamental development practices as you build out some fully-functional and great-looking apps!

This book, SwiftUI by Tutorials, is designed for developers who have a solid background in iOS development, and are looking to make the leap from building apps with UIKit, to building apps with SwiftUI.