Does course work with Xcode 12?

I’m currently going through the course using xcode 11. Looks like xcode 12 has been officially released (and my mac wants to download it). Can I use the new xcode with the course or is it important to stay with xcode 11.

thanks in advance

for others taking the course, if you upgrade your read device to iOS14 and stick with Xcode 11, you won’t be able to push your app to the device. You need Xcode 12 to push to a device with iOS 14.

My phone has been running the beta so has been on iOS 14 for a while. So I want to move to Xcode 12. But my past experience is that things will not work exactly the same. So I’m holding onto Xcode 11 while I do the course. But would love to hear from the authors that either it works with 12 or they will publish an update soon that uses 12.

I am currently taking the swift UI beginners course, and Xcode 12 killed everything. Neither Canvas nor simulator worked anymore, even though I got no Error message. (And for some reason Spotlight started crashing). I went back to Xcode 11 and everything is working fine again. No clue if I am the exception or if more People have trouble with 12, but I would suggest staying with 11 for a while.

appreciate the feedback. would be nice if the authors would comment but its not clear they monitor these forums much.

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