Does Anyone Else think a Video Tutorial Series On Instruments Would Be a Good Idea?

I’m new to this forum, and didn’t exactly see a place for suggesting future tutorial series, so I just thought I’d throw out my thought here in the off topic part of the forum.

I’ve been seeing interest on the parts of employers for their applicants to have used Instruments, which is a suite of tools that comes with Xcode that lets you profile your app. I think a tutorial series on Instruments would be awesome. Does anyone else think so?

I’ve found that there are very few easy to understand tutorials on Instruments. In fact, there isn’t that many tutorials to begin with on the topic, compared to other iOS topics.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the suggestion! This reminded me to create an official thread where folks can submit ideas for video tutorials, so I created one and linked to your post there.

Thanks again!

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Yes that would be a great idea!

This is definitely a thing that I’ve been thinking would make a great addition. I gave the post a heart. Is that the best way to “vote”? If not, should we add this kind of “me too” post, or…?

Yah hearts are useful! They give me a way to easily see the level of interest. You can also heart suggestions on the official suggestion thread here:

Agreed. Would love to see this!