Document-Based Apps Using SwiftUI |

SwiftUI makes it easier than ever to create document-based apps that work with the iOS document interaction system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a SwiftUI document-based meme-maker app.

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This was very useful! Thanks.

One issue I had was building the original starter project for iOS failed. It had to do with Signing & Capabilities. Until I changed the Team to myself and the Bundle Identifier to com.myself.MemeMaker, it refused to build. Surprisingly, at the end of tutorial when I switched to MemeMaker (macOS) it builds and runs just fine with Team: None and Bundle identifier: com.raywenderlich.MemeMaker. When I change the MemeMaker (iOS) to Team: None the Status reports “Signing for MemeMaker (iOS) requires a development team.” This is a common problem for me, so if you know the trick(s) please share.

Xcode version 12.3 (12C33), macOS Big Sur version 11.1

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Hey sxbsxb,

thanks for your feedback, I’m glad that this article was useful! :]

Sorry to hear that you had problems building the starter project, but I can’t reproduce your error. Maybe there’s something wrong with your setup?

Thanks dpiper!

There is probably something wrong with my set up, but do not know how to find it nor correct it. Don’t worry about it, but if someone else gets these sort of errors and finds a solution, please post here.

I did go to Xcode → Preferences and look around but saw nothing about signing. One curious thing about Xcode → Preferences is that every time I open your MemeMaker project and select the “behaviors” tab, Xcode crashes with a bad instruction. That’s weird. When I open a project I created from scratch, the “behaviors” tab opens normally. Something is going on deep down in the dark recesses of Xcode.

-Steve (sxbsxb)