Do I need to pay to view full courses?

Hi !

I just completed the “My first iOS app” video course and it has been nothing but pure awesome. Super stoked to continue.

I started the following course on that learning path (iOS and Swift for Beginners
) and it only let me view the first two episodes (Introduction and Swift Playgrounds), as soon as I pressed continue I was asked to subscribe either monthly or anually. My guess is the first full course (My first iOS app) was just a trailer and if I wanna access the whole thing I would need to subscribe and pay, right?

Is this correct? If so, is there any way I can buy individual courses or am I obliged to subscribe to get access to the whole package (Im just starting so subscribing would mean getting access to complex stuff I wont really need)?.


Hi @stompy, welcome to the Ray Wenderlich forum community! That is great to hear about your excitement with iOS development and the video course you just completed. In order to view the other videos that are not labelled as “free” you would need a yearly or monthly subscription to view the rest of the content. If you are looking for free resources, there are many awesome tutorials that can help you on your iOS journey such as:

and many more!


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