Do I need PaintCode?

Hi, I’m still fairly new to iOS development, and I just discovered PaintCode. I tried the demo and it seems pretty cool, but do I really need it? Will Xcode 9 do all of the scaling for me, obviating the need for PaintCode? If I have an iPhone app and I want it to work on iPad, doesn’t it scale the graphics automatically anyway?

@afinque Thanks very much for your question!

There are many amazing tools made for iOS developers to be more productive, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessary for iOS development. The nice thing to remember is that Apple provides all the essential tools you need as a developer to build your apps for their devices. :slight_smile:

Having said that, I am NOT saying you shouldn’t use PaintCode, but, because you said you are new to iOS development, I would advise you to stay away from using third party tools, and focus on learning how to accomplish your goals natively using Swift and Xcode. Shortcuts are helpful, but only if you know what they are a shortcut for. Also, any third party tool requires a learning curve, and rather spending your time figuring out how to work with yet another tool, spend that time on Swift, and Xcode instead. You’ll actually discover in many cases that these tools are not really saving you that much time. Once you are familiar, and confident with how to code, and build your apps using Swift, and Xcode, you should then consider other tools to help you accomplish your tasks faster.

So the simple answer is, Xcode will do everything you need it to do, just make sure you learn how to do it first, before considering learning other tools. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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@syedfa, thanks so much for your thorough response to my question. You raised a great point that I hadn’t considered. Taking this advice should help me from feeling overwhelmed with all of the options out there, too, so thanks for lowering stress levels as well :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

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