Do I have an Account Manager role?

I’ve been developing apps for my own consumption/amusement for a while and running them on the simulator. These were loaded using an account based on my AppleID but I had not subscribed to the Developer Programme and my role was described as Admin.

Now, following your instructions in chapters 2 and 3, I joined the Developer Programme attempted to upload to the AppStore. My role remains Admin (in Xcode) but when I sign in on my Mac I am confirmed a the Account Holder.

In Xcode, under Signing and Capabilities, the only team I am offered is my Admin role and if I try to refresh that by adding a team, I still just get the Admin role. Either I’ve lost my free developer account or I haven’t acquired my paid account. I think it’s the latter.

When I try to create a distribution certificate I get the message: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 100028.)

Any idea why my Xcode doesn’t seem to know I have a developer subscription?

any suggestions @pietrorea ?

Consider this question resolved. I eventually managed to upload though I cannot say why … I tried so many things that I can’t recall which worked.

As a general remark, it left me with the strong impression that Apple really have no right to be vetting my software to see that it meets their standards when the standards they apply to their own software result in impenetrable procedures that companies such as yours have to write books about how to use them.

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