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Development Tutorial for iPhone X

In this iPhone X tutorial, you'll learn how to update an existing app and create an app from scratch that is correctly designed for the new iPhone X.

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Hello Audrey,

Thanks for your wonderful tutorial. I have a question about the height of navigation bar on iPhoneX. I did a demo and it turned out that the height of navigation bar is still 44 points with a regular title and 96 points with a larger one.

Thank you for this helpful tutorial Audrey.

I believe that there’s a typo here, and I think that you mean to refer to the File inspector

thanks Jeff, you’re absolutely right! fixed now :]

I got it right later, in the Safe Area section :wink:

thanks Figo! it’s 88/140 pts including the 44-pt status bar — I’ve clarified that in the text now.

My intention was to help, not criticize. Thank you for doing this. :blush:

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Thanks for the tutorial. You might want to add that to get the full screen on iPhone X, you need to set your base SDK to iOS 11 and be sure to have a launch screen story board or a launch image. I was having a heck of a time getting my app to look right before I did this.

thanks! are you testing on the actual real device? lucky you! I was planning to wait for the next version, but I might succumb to the excitement …

what was wrong with your app’s appearance before you made those changes?

I do mention the launch screen storyboard under 3x screen resolution, because the Apple video mentioned it, but I couldn’t see how to test the assertion in the simulator.

And I guess I took it for granted that people would be developing for iOS 11 on iPhone X, because that’s what comes installed on it.

No device yet. Mine arrives Nov 16. Without the lake Bach screen it displayed in “letterbox” with black bars on top and bottom.

I was updated an older app that was still set for iOS 10.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!