Designing complex objects in the scene editor

Near as I can tell, there isn’t a way to add joints in the scene editor. Is that right?

Consider a simple person object with a body, child legs and arms w/ pin joints. If I want to design this person in the scene editor and then programmatically add him to a scene, I’m not getting very far. I’m able to find the nodes in the scene, remove them from their parent and add them as a child at a new position in my scene, but I still have to specify all their joints manually. Further, I have to do all the nodes in the scene manually.

What I’d really like is to have the arms and legs be children of the body and just bring over the body and have the joints be part of that too.


Best I’ve come up with on my own is to make sure child objects have the parent assigned in the editor (that fixes having to bring the nodes over manually)

Then assign a class to the parent and implement the class to manually assign the physics joints. I guess there just isn’t a way to create all the joints in the editor at this point in time.

… Unless I missed it…