Decapitating the alien doesn't work

Hey Devs,
i am using Unity 2018.3 and the book version that i am using is for unity 5.6.The problem is that the head of the alien(s) doesn’t remove! Beheading is not working :slight_smile: What is wrong ?


A lot has changed in Unity between the 5.x series and 2018.x - I’m surprised you made it that far. You’ll need to get an updated version of the book or download an older version of Unity via. Unity Hub.

Hey Brian,
yeah it is a little wonder that i made it so far :slight_smile: Beheading on the Space Marine works with no problem.But the Aliens don’t loose their heads and this is one Problem.The next is changing the AlienDeathParticle Prefab.On the collision category i add the DeathFloor on plane property but i can’t save the change.I’ve purchased the printed version a long time ago via Amazon…now i know that i never ever buy a printed book again :slight_smile: I wish i had bought the eBook version…but i believe that i can go through the book even with Unity 2018.3.The new Prefab workflow is a bit confusing the old way was so easy.

Yeah, it’s a lot harder keeping the print versions up to date :slight_smile: But I did contact our customer support team regarding your issue. You can get 50% off the digital edition. Just email and send over a copy of your receipt and they’ll help you out.

As for the new prefab system, it’s pretty awesome but it takes a little work to get used to it. We haven’t updated the book for Unity 2018.3 although that’s coming soon with Unity 2019 release. Cheers!

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