Custom slide show app/screensaver project

I have been tasked with creating a replacement solution for the slideshow service that is currently just a mac mini with an old version of power point running. I am a newbie, I took a big nerd ranch iOS class at the start of the year and immediately bought the RW books and became a member of this site. I thought it may be helpful for someone else in the future to document my struggle here.

My requirements are:

read a folder of images
slide is viewable for 10 seconds
simple image transition to the next slide
once the slides have all been displayed
reread folder of images

I will either create a droplet in applescript that will call an shell script/ssh session to copy them over to the slideshow mac’s slides folder.

I am a unix admin by trade… wish me luck!

Do you need help in iOS?

You could load the images and hold them offscreen until 10 seconds have passed.

This would be OSX. I downloaded a tutorial and am trying to follow:

I got it to build but in the control panel, it says It won’t run on my version of OSX (The latest as of today).

I am still working on it.

Thanks for the help marciokoko!

Oh, sorry about that