Cross Compiling question - NMAP to IOS?

Hi everyone,

About 5 years ago, I knew how (more or less) to cross-compile libraries that were consumable by Monotouch/Xamarin applications. Specifically, I knew how to compile a previously made C project (Flite text to speech).

I was hoping to take a stab at cross compiling and linking up nmap for IOS and Android as an academic exercise.

I’ve looked over the document here on how to create a static library for IOS using Xcode, which seems to get me nearly where I’m going (other than writing the wrapper):

My question: How do you create a new static library, but include a previously created C++ project, instead of creating a brand new project?

I’d like to take the NMAP source code, which is C++, and create a static library with it.

Does anyone have any insights on this? Am I way off base even believing it’s possible for NMAP to function correctly on iOS in library form?