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Learn how to move Swift code from a project to an independent, reusable framework.

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What version of Xcode was used to create this project? I tried opening the StarterProject in 7.1.3 and 8.0b6 and neither will run, 80 errors in 7.3.1, 74 in 8.0b6.

@johnnyg - thanks for letting me know. I think it was Beta 3. I’m now working on it.

Good presentation. This is totally out of scope but how do you handle dependencies with frameworks? Example, what if I want to rip out all the networking stuff into it’s own framework but it depends on Alamofire?

@josephsusnick - I haven’t done this myself, but see this stackoverflow for suggestions: handling dependencies for iOS Framework project - Stack Overflow

Yeah, saw that one. Doesn’t seem to be a nice way to do it without making your framework into a cocoapod which is overkill for my purposes.

This was very, very good.

As a few have mentioned…every Framework creation article I’ve seen has greatly over complicated the procedure. This was very straightforward and extremely useful!
Thanks Caroline.

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