Creating a favorites list

Hello I am looking for information or demonstration to create a list of favorites. Not as an example of adding a player from a list. For example I have a tableview with a list of restaurants, if I click on its description restaurant opens. in this form I have a button to bookmark. when I click I stay on the same page and I can go to another restaurant. by cons in a tableview (favorites) Restaurant name and picture have been added and if I click on the line of favorites I return to the listing.
if you have tips or demonstration I will be very interested
thank you in advance for your help.

If what you want is to mark an item onscreen while viewing a list of many items, you can add a button to the list or if its a cell you can use the didSelectRowAtIndexPath method and simply add that selected item to an array. You can then navigate away from that view and into a new view called FavoritesViewController and fill it with all items in that array you created before.

Hello, thank you for your interest. Actually I want to click a button to say I want to keep it in Favorites. He must put the image and name in a tableview to keep a list of all my favorites. Then from that list I want to return to the detail of the original record. I tried to diiférentes way but I do not find the solution.