Create similar Game like "Heads up!"


I plann to have a personal, simple app which would allow me to have funny game sessions.

It would not be necessary to have user accounts, high score etc. management.
All i am looking for are related projects which have the major topic of that game:

  • Select from a configurable (in app or via NSDictionary) list of words
  • Tilt up/down for selecting correctly / wrongly guessed.
  • At the end of the session (configurable, 5 or 10 tries) display total number of points (each correct answer 1 point)

Do you know any related project/tutorial which i can quickly build up on?

Thanks in advance,

hi @olaf_sch,
have you looked at some of the tutorials on this site? They do take you through making some stellar games. There are also books that you could buy off the store that teach you to make games in 2d, 3d and using various technologies.

If you are looking for a template that you can simply use to customize as your own game, then you would have to do an internet search for that.


Hi Javantvarma,
Thank you. Indeed there are tons of material here. Great ones in addition.
The game i have in mind requires specific use cases,
a configurable (either in app or within xcode) set of words
a word that is randomely loaded and players can help to describe the word
once the player in charge guessed and answered correctly, he has to -1 tilt the phone up == correct, -2 tilt the pone down == incorrect
At the end of configurable, e.g. 5 words → total number of correct answers is displayed.

Next round can start.

Words, here i could go for a NSDictionary
A counter for the 5 rounds.

But for the tilt up / down, which tutorial would you suggest?

Apple Developer Documentation ?

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