Create if statement based on certain time not working in view did appear

I want my codes background uiviewcontroller background to change depending on the hour. If the code is in the first 60 minutes of the day the background color works. However when the time goes to the second hour the view color does not change from gray to pink. I want when the hour changes the background color to be change. Just worry about the first 2 hours of the day as listed below. The code is in military time. Func is being called from viewdidappear. However I constructed my func halsey it is not changing the color when the hour changes.

 import UIKit
    class ViewController: UIViewController {
        var timer = Timer()        
        var currentDateTime = Date()
        lazy var dateFormatter: DateFormatter = {
            let formatter = DateFormatter()
            formatter.dateFormat = "hh:mm" // or "hh:mm a" if you need to have am or pm symbols
            return formatter
        override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
            dateFormatter.timeStyle = .medium

        fileprivate func halsey() {
            let minutesNow = getMinutesFromDate(date: Date())
            if  minutesNow >= 0 && minutesNow < 60  {

                      box.backgroundColor = .gray
            if  minutesNow >= 60 && minutesNow < 120  {

                     view.backgroundColor = .systemPink
        @objc func tick() {
        func getMinutesFromDate(date: Date) -> Int {
            let dateComponents = Calendar.current.dateComponents([.hour, .minute], from: date)
            let minutes = ((dateComponents.hour ?? 0) * 60) + (dateComponents.minute ?? 0)
            return minutes

@timswift Do you still have issues with this?