CPU Instructions —> numbers?…

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I get sidetracked easily, apologies. I’ve been trying to hold on to the following sentence going through the beginning of this book trying to simply put this concept ( my words after what I’ve read here + ) :

“( CPU ) instructions —> ( working with ) numbers?..”

I’ve been ploughing through the internet ( as well ) to see if it’s safe to state the previously mentioned.

What I’ve seen in the article I’ll link in a second does shake things up a bit I believe, I’m not sure what they mean by that exactly, there?

“…not all binary data is numeric. Some binary data corresponds to computer instructions,…”
Binary data → In computer science


Think I’ll have to add the following note to my statement, I assume?

“( CPU ) instructions —> ( working with ) numbers?..”
NOTE : Not necessarily working with the numeric value, as they are processed in a certain way? ( f.e. instruction format )

Hmm… :thinking:

The computer stores data in the form of bytes. These bytes may represent different things: instructions, numbers, text, images, and so on.

You can view each byte as a number. You can also combine multiple bytes together into a larger number. But that’s just one way to look at bytes. If a byte stores a text character, then combining multiple bytes creates a word or sentence. If bytes store colors, then multiple bytes creates an image, and so on.

Some of the bytes will contain instructions that tell the CPU what to do. And other bytes will contain the data values that these instructions will work with, or will hold the result of performing those instructions.

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