Course Certification

Is there a way raywenderlich can provide course completion certificates so we can complete them and add them to our LinkedIn same way Udemy does it


+1 I also had the same query.

Hi @rpdev009 and @devrath (sorry this question originally got missed!) - thanks for asking! This is actually something we’re actively working on right now to offer to our members. While integration with outside communities, like Linkedin, will be a bit further in the future, we hope to start offering assessments and certification within Kodeco this year.

+1 on this
@lauren_elizabeth will it be backward compatible?
(if I finish the course today, can I get the cert once it is implemented?)

@tiagodocouto Any assessments or certifications we may offer in the future for on-demand course work would not be backwards compatible, so you’d need to refresh your knowledge for any future offerings. This is in case we realize we need to adjust the topics covered in these courses to support a valuable certification.

That said, we do offer our Live Bootcamps right now (iOS & Swift, Android & Kotlin) that do offer certifications on graduation. Hope that helps!

any idea when the next bootcamp for iOS is taking place or how can I get notified about new ones?

Hi @tiagodocouto our next iOS Live Bootcamp will be started in January 2024 but seats will go on sale starting from November this year. You can sign up to be notified on our page here:

Which will sign you up for alerts for when our next cohort is released.