Coordinator App updated for iOS 13? (re. Scene Delegate)

Hi everyone. I’ve tried building an iOS 13 app based on the Coordinator pattern from the final chapter. The final source code provided with the book looks as though it was built in iOS 12 or earlier… as there is no ‘Scene Delegate’ file (But I may be wrong!). I’m guessing iOS 13 requires a slightly different implementation with the new scene delegate file to get the Coordinator pattern to run successfully.

Is there a different process when building this pattern for iOS 13?

Here are some thoughts about Coordinator with scenes

@jrg.developer Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Yep –– you’re right, there isn’t a scene delegate. :wink:

This particular app opts out of the scene delegate introduced in iOS 13, as it doesn’t use or require multiple scenes.

However, you’re right in that it would have been nicer to have shown how it would work there too, especially as this is now the default going forward for new projects… :scream:

For the next revision of the book, I’ll make sure this gets included!

For now, this is a fantastic read that I recommend you check out:

Also, here’s the WWDC video about scene delegate too, which is useful for context about how scene delegate works:

That example does not work (Xcode 15.2 iOS 15).