Configure multiple labels in function


I have adjusted the function configureCell as below and given my label the tag of 3000.

    // update label via tag
func configureTextForCell(cell: UITableViewCell, withPlayer player: Player){
    let jerseyLabel = cell.viewWithTag(3000) as! UILabel
        jerseyLabel.text = String(player.jerseyNumber)
    let label = cell.viewWithTag(2000) as! UILabel
    label.text = player.firstName + " " + player.secondName

I am getting fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value when I access this tableView. I understand the error, but not why I get it in this case? The textfield exists and the palyers, first name, last name and jersey number exist?? (the tag for 2000 works fine) :confused:

I think this was my fault in that my storyboard didn’t save