Command failed due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11

Xcode shows no error in code but it shows that “Command failed due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11” and message "

An internal error occured. Editing functionality may be limited

how can i fix this.

Segmentation fault 11 means the compiler crashed while trying to compile your code. It’s not a helpful error message because it tells you nothing about what you might have done to cause the problem, and you should submit a bug report to Apple about it.

Generally, I would suggest you ‘undo’ whatever you did most recently until you can build your code and it compiles. You might discover that you tried to do something a bit complex in one line of code which might compile more easily if you broke it up over more than one line. There’s no easy solution here.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi…my work around was to make sure the project was set to deployment target 10.0 in project info and upgrade the project. If its linking against the old libraries you get wierd fixit behavior in the editor. Also, about 10 percent of the files were not converted because the translater crashed. So, in those cases, I had to migrate by hand. Most of the other problem spots was code that had any kind of pointer logic.

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