Codesigning error 1

I have built an app relying on RealmSwift that is fully functional in Simulator. When archiving to create the .ipa file I am getting a code sign error 1 that references errSecInternalComponent on both Realm.framework and RealmSwift. framework.

My signing certificates are all OK so not the source of the problem

Any ideas welcome

@rwest999 hey Richard, I’m not sure what the issue is there but here’s two things that have happened to me in the past:

  • beta versions of Xcode on few occasions had problems signing bundled frameworks
  • if you’re including the precompiled frameworks have a look at the “Installation” section here: - there’s an extra step to work around an app store issue

Let me know whether either resolves this :+1:t3:

Thanks for the reply. It helped in that I found I needed to update Cocoapods and also update RealmSwift. I was also using the xcodeproj file and not the xcworkspace files which may not have helped.

However, having put all that right I am still getting errors on trying to Archive (/bin/sh failed with exit code 1) and a warning “Unable to build chain to self-signed root for signer” that appears to derive from Realm.framework.

It all seems very complicated😩