Coca pod Chart not appearing (Swift4)

My chart is not displaying any bars using this bar graph. I have successfully imported the charts cocoa pod. There are currently no run time errors. The only thing that is being displayed in the graph is the description label.

              import UIKit
  import Charts
  class ViewController: UIViewController {

   @IBOutlet var lineChartVIew: BarChartView!
   var days: [String]!

 override func viewDidLoad() {
// Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
days = ["Monday","Tuesday","life"]
let task = [1.0,4.0,3.0]
setChart(dataPoints: days, values: task)

func setChart(dataPoints : [String], values : [Double]){
lineChartVIew.noDataText = "Nothining to display"

var dataEntries : [BarChartDataEntry] = []
var counter = 0.0

for i in 0..<dataPoints.count {
    counter += 1
    let dataEntery = BarChartDataEntry(x: values[i], y: counter)

let ChartDataSet = BarChartDataSet(values: dataEntries, label: "Time")
let chartData = BarChartData() = chartData
ChartDataSet.colors = ChartColorTemplates.colorful()

lineChartVIew.animate(xAxisDuration: 2.0, yAxisDuration: 2.0)