Cmd + Q with XCode

Hi @hollance (or others :slight_smile:)

I’m enjoying your checklist tutorial, my app has deviated from yours slightly but seems to be working ok, which is super. I had a question, I’ve just got acquainted with the saving through appDelegate and how it saves when one presses the home button, by using the didEnterBackground() and also the applicationWillTerminate(). Does cmd + Q not trigger the applicationWillTerminate method? I notice my data isn’t saved when I try Command Q. I think that this seems correct, but wanted to check.

You mean Cmd+Q to completely exit the Simulator app? I’ve never tried it but I don’t think that would call applicationWillTerminate(). That situation would be like your iPhone suddenly running out of battery or something. :wink:

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Yeah, a command-Q is just quit the simulator - kill the debug session! None of the AppDelegate methods are called.