Clickbait branch deemed Stale

I’m working my way through the Git Apprentice book. Chapter 8 Merging mentions the Clickbait branch on the remote server. I am unable to git checkout this branch because it isn’t available on the remote. Closer inspection on the original kodecocodes/ideas repository reveals it is deemed Stale. Is this the reason why this branch was not brought over when I forked this repo at the beginning of the book?

What is the address you are using for the repo?

git remote -v

I ran into this problem as well. I first thought it was because the branches were stale, too. As it turns out, when you first fork the ideas repo in the challenge for chapter 2, there’s a box that’s checked that states “Copy only the main branch.” In this case, you won’t get the clickbait or master branches.

Hi, Thank You So Much for your reply. I must have checked that box by accident.

I believe I inadvertently checked the ‘Copy only the main branch’ box when forking the ideas repo.

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The box is checked as a default. You have to uncheck it! I made a comment on the errata page for the book, so this step gets added to the challenge in the next version. GitHub must have added this after the book was written.

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