Checklists Tutorial - iPad compatibility?

I finished the Checklists tutorial and was running in through different devices in the simulator. I noticed that it still functioned and looked good on the iPad, but remembered that on page 11 (PDF) we set the device template option to iPhone instead of Universal. Then, I also remembered that we did include app icons in the assets catalog for the iPad on page 225. So, now I am confused about whether this app is also compatible for iPads and should be set to Devices: Universal, under Deployment Info?

You can run any iPhone app on an iPad but it works in a compatibility mode, i.e. it does not take up the whole screen.

But it’s still nice if it shows a proper icon on the iPad home screen, which is why we included it.

By the way, you can make the app universal and it should still run OK on the iPad, but the UI isn’t really becoming of an iPad app. :wink: