Checkbox states being lost after scrolling in NSTableView swift

I first posted this question on StackOverflow and I was still waiting for the correct answer.

I have this macOS app which has all the contacts listed in there.

Users can select what all suggested contacts can be updated in the app. When I deselect All checkbox in the top and just select a single or a couple of contacts and scroll down, the checkbox states are lost and they get deselected automatically. Do I need to handle any scroll event in NSTableView for swift macOS apps? Any help is really appreciated.

Source code link: Update-Local-contacts/ViewController.swift at master · PriyankaBolisetty/Update-Local-contacts · GitHub
Please look at the action checkBoxCheckedEvent, it is called when a checkbox is checked/unchecked.

@priyankab Do you still have issues with this?

Yes, the checkbox states are lost immediately after scrolling…

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