Chapter 9 Through 11 - Revert executing for hours

Whenever I try to run the command, vapor cloud run “revert --all --yes”, the command runs for hours unending, like it is running a infinite loop, it happens both on the command line, when I try to deploy, and when I’m running XCTests, the test was running for like 2 hours in XCode, stopped it, went to docker, stopped and removed the database, created a new one. tried running again, same thing.

Then I commented the revert lines from the test, stopped and removed the database again, re-created it from docker, tests ran successfully in seconds.

So, I’m having to manually delete the database in Vapor Cloud every chapter, since revert is not working, and I can’t use it in my tests.

Just in case it helps, I’m on RC2. Using the commands of the book to create the project “template=beta”, it always creates the project using RC2.

@andrekilik the book is now out of date (will be updated soon) so you don’t need --branch=beta any more. One thing you can try is running swift package update in your project - this will allowed you to update your dependencies without losing anything and see if it has been fixed