Chapter 8 - Instruments shows me nothing

Hello World,

I’m trying to profile the EmployeeDirectory app in the Simulator using the CoreData Instruments, as described on Page 207 in the Swift 3 release of the book.

So my Simulator and the Profiler are already open. Now I hit the record button, switch over to the Simulator to scroll up and down a bit. But it seems that nothing was recorded. The Fetches Tool shows nothing at all.

What am I missing?


I’m having the same problem. FWIW I’m on Sierra, Xcode 8, running on the iPhone 5 simulator.

I’m having the same problem: the Details > Event List > Core Data Fetches list remains empty.

Has anybody been able to get this to work?

I’m having the same issue. But looks like Apple made some changes to the instruments. Core Data fetches instrument seems to only support OS X now.
Reference: Instruments User Guide: Core Data Fetches Instrument

I have the very same issue.

@peng90 nice catch. Though at least I’d expect an error message from that instruments, similar to one when you try to run it on iOS device.

I’m having the same issue. Does anyone know if it’s going to be resolved anytime soon?

This entry was created in Apple’s radar database:

Unfortunately, I could find no further information. I’m thinking serious of opening an TSI to determine if there is a workaround.

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