Chapter 7 - Multi-Module App

I am having some issues following the book from “Creating and configuring a Swift package”

  1. The name of the package is suggested to be “PetSaveOnboarding” which is the same name of the framework in the project folder. I am not sure how about other readers but I had to give it a different name say “PetSaveOnboardingSP” to avoid this naming conflict
  2. With that name, in Package.swift, I had to modify the content of it but I am not sure which one should go with “PetSaveOnboarding” or “PetSaveOnboardingSP” since there were not enough explaination here
  3. I ended up having a the Swift package but then I could not compile or run because there’s no target destination in my XCode

I assume I messed up here. Can you revise this part of the book a little bit because this is a very interesting part. Many thanks

Perhaps sharing the package file would allow the Forum to help better? Make sure you use the Swift formatting for easier reading.