Chapter 7 - missing part of paragraph?

Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 14.05.15

At the top of the page the sentence starts with “Let’s” and never ends.

Hi @kammahha, thank you for highlighting this. I checked the PDF for iOS_Apprentice_v8.2.0 but did not see the same error. Is this screenshot from the Ebook?

It’s a sc from pdf version 8.1 but now in version 8.2 it’s on the page 248 of the pdf.

I got to that part and i can guarantee that the “Let’s” is something of a typo. [Version 8.2.1]

It was either written beforehand for something and never removed, or it was not formatted out when the new version was made. Just continue from the next paragraph " Xcode automatically created … ".

Good Luck !

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