Chapter 7: Difficulty Selecting Objects

It can be difficult to select objects because afaik there’s no object list to choose from. All selections must be done from the scene and the objects have identical sizes and matching positions (there’s z-fighting with the author photo and Batman).

@chrislanguage Is there any advice you can give on how to do something like: " To do this, select BioPage , AuthorPage1 , AuthorPage2 and ContactPage , then add a Hide action."

I can select the BioPage and if I rotate the scene, can select AuthorPage1 if I click the back, but I am having trouble selecting AuthorPage2 or ContactPage.


I was having the same issue in selecting objects. The kludgy way I got around it was to temporary change the location of the objects until I got them all hooked up.

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+100 on this!

There appears to be no workaround for this other than what @adamsmorgantom suggested. Hopefully a future version of Reality Composer will object list in the UI.

Glad I’m not the only one who was super lost on how to do this. Talk about an oversight this software is a LONG way to go… But shame on this book to not explain how to select the objects in an example they provide… :-1:

Yeah +1! I was smitten at first. I cannot believe Apple’s Reality Composer doesn’t give us a list of the objects. I looked everywhere first, then I gave up and changed the z values to be able to select them. In doing so I had to start again of course :wink: