Chapter 6: what is the purpose of the book?

what are we all here for? study how flutter works or write an application quickly and that’s it?
if the book aims to teach people flutter, then why do we, not knowing how the Inherited widget works, use the provider wrapper over it
well, if the goal is to quickly create an application, then let’s immediately drag in the GetX

Thanks for raising this point.
In the next update we’ll review our presentation of InheritedWidget and consider expanding it before we dive into Provider.

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Thanks, this is more reasonable, because the provider is just a shell, and we use it without knowing anything about inherited, which are a very important part of the flutter

@mitai please keep in mind that Chapter 4 mentions that Inherited widgets are an advanced topic and that they’re covered in more detail in Section 4.

Also, Chapter 6 states that you’re going to get a “quick introduction to Provider”. Chapter 6 is just an introduction.

I’m Section 4, you’ll find that Chapter 13 covers state management and provides much more detail on inherited widget and Provider.

I hope this helps.

Thank you. Perhaps my thoughts are a little confused and it’s worth them to be more verbose.
Inherited widgets are part of the Flutter SDK and one of the most important things in the application development process, and it is he who is the main one for many packages the same provider or scoped learning the basics will give an understanding of fundamental things understanding the provider will only give an understanding of the provider and nothing more
I would prefer it not to be in the book at all, you can give a link to the libraries that are built on it after studying the inherites
But I’m just a beginner noob and my internal guidelines can be knocked down, as for example the whole book is dotted with helper methods, although the development team itself says that it’s not worth doing this
perhaps they will be reworked later in the book, but now I only see them
Widget vs helper methods

if the book is about learning flutter let’s learn Flutter and not the popular packages from the
for this reason, I remembered GetX, he, like the provider, does absolutely nothing but wrappers over the code with the assignment of his names, allowing us to write faster
will this teach us flutter? no
will it reduce the code and time? yes
will we become good developers after him? no
we will become developers who know GetX and don’t know Flutter

you are cool and your book is just a dream, you can see how much effort you put into it, thank you!