Chapter 6: "showNoteDetail" segue is not working when images in tableviewcell

If you open and run the UnCloudNotes-v2, the project works almost as it should. But I can not understand why the “showNoteDetail” segue never is fired when I push a tableviewcell containing a picture. If I don’t add a picture in the CreateNoteViewController, the segue is fired. What is the reason for this? Does this have anything to do with the NSFetchedResultsController?

The outlet is not set in the storyboard for the cell with an image. It is not an error per say, just nothing is handled at the time of the tap. If you want it to display, do a control drag from the cell with the image in the storyboard to the NoteDetailViewController and set it to show detail. Then click on the new link that is created to the NoteDetailViewController and name it showNoteDetail