Chapter 6. App crash bug

Hi. there are a bug when executing your sample proejct on xcode.
The app have crashed in cellForRow method of tableView.
Especially ‘guard let cgImage = context.createCGImage(output, from: fromRect)’

The error messages are following.
MTLDebugValidateMTLPixelFormat, line 1434: error ‘pixelFormat (11) is not a valid MTLPixelFormat.’
MTLDebugValidateMTLPixelFormat:1434: failed assertion `pixelFormat (11) is not a valid MTLPixelFormat.’


Please try running the code on your device instead of the simulator. After doing a quick google it looks like this is an Xcode 11 simulator issue.

Thanks a lot.
But, I think removing the an image file is better. (number 5 asset as I known)

Hi @comeonyoh, were you able to solve the bug?

Sorry I can`t. but I just remove the file which makes a crash bug.