Chapter 5, Page 191

“MXFeatureExtractor” got removed in the latest version of Turi Create?

from turicreate.toolkits import _pre_trained_models
from turicreate.toolkits import _image_feature_extractor

ptModel = _pre_trained_models.MODELS"squeezenet_v1.1" feature_extractor = _image_feature_extractor.MXFeatureExtractor(ptModel)

_image_feature_extractor.MXFeatureExtractor(ptModel) executed with error? So, how should I handle this?

This is the reason why the book asks you to install a specific version of these packages. :slight_smile: New releases often break things. It looks like turicreate switched from MXNet to TensorFlow a couple of months ago.

To follow along with the book, please use turicreate version 5.8.

The important of this courses is to be update, so please, give us a solution and other code to ejecute this chapter.


@davidvillaferna Do you still have issues with this?