Chapter 5 issues

I was working through Chapter 5, and was in the Using an icon set. The link that I was sent to had no option to open in Figma, but could be installed as a plugin and used. The plugin was missing some of the icons used, and also required a subscription to use the icons it wasn’t missing. I was able to figure some trick out with copy/pasting from the plugin, but later when you change the color, it only changed the background color and not the icon color.
I possibly may have done something wrong, but I have exhausted all my energy and resources into attempting to figure this out and was wondering if you had any suggestions. Anything is appreciated.

Hi @bloodyrose473

Thanks for bringing this up and sorry that you ran into an issue.

It does look like the resource has been updated now. At the time of writing, it was a Figma file containing all icons but it’s a plug-in now.

There are a few things I would recommend here so you can keep making progress

  1. You can copy over the icons to your Figma file from the final project, they contain all the icons you would need for designing the app.

  2. A little longer than option 1 - You can download the SVG versions of the icons from the Material Design icon library here The naming scheme is the same as what I have used in the chapter so you should be able to find them easily,

Please let me know if you need more help on this. Will definitely do my best to get your issues sorted out.

Thanks for being patient and raising this. We’ll fix it up in the 2nd edition

Have a lovely weekend!