Chapter 5 - Challenge - Sending to cli/say not defined

It might be a good idea to at least provide the information on how to structure the HTTPRequest message for the second URL cli/say. I had to look at the Final Code to check what the actual HTTP body should be.

The book doesn’t advise you anywhere on what the HTTPBody should be, where I believe that would provide some guidance on the request, which doesn’t impact the actual challenge of working out the concurrency processes involved.

@icanzilb please note suggestion

Hi Peter, I’m looking at Chapter 5’s challenge and the text says:

Set the method to `POST` and the body to 
the data representation of "[username] line".

The solution provided in the final version of the project is:

request.httpMethod = "POST"
request.httpBody = "[\(username)] \(line)".data(using: .utf8)

What would you suggest be a better way to structure this challenge?

@icanzilb , seems like the previous thing I mentioned, this was in the initial version of the book. The new version has this fixed.

Many thanks.