Chapter 43: Polish the Pop-up...Dynamic Type issue

I’m not sure if I am misreading something, or going to the wrong area, but I cannot get the “Text Style - Headline” option. I go to DETAIL scene, click on the NAME label, go to the ATTRIBUTES inspector, go to FONT option, click the T button exactly as in book… but never get “Text Styles - Headline” as an option. I don’t even get the FAMILY option under the FONT option as shown in the book (I only get a choice of font, style and size). what am I doing wrong?

my actual font options are actually only System and System Italic… with a bunch of others under these 2 main ones, but no Headline.

there is a toggle switch under the font options that says “Automatically adjust fonts”, but enabling this doesn’t seem to do anything on my iPad or simulator. this toggle option also doesn’t seem to be shown on the screenshot within the book… is there a different process now or have I just missed something… which would be weird as I am only 2 pages in on the chapter and reread numerous times to no avail.

I’ll leave the dynamic text tutorial for a while, hopefully it doesnt effect something further down.

thanks in advance for any help.

@zoran Do you still have issues with this?

All good. Gave up on the issue and just let it be. Everything else works fine so nothing else effected. On to the next book now.

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