Chapter 3, Page 115 (PDF, v8.0.0) - "Embed in Button" not listed in pop-up menu

I’m on macOS 10.15 Beta (19A582a), Xcode 11.0 (11A420a) and my pop-up menu doesn’t list an “Embed in Button” option.


@naotme Do you still have issues with this?

Yes, my pop-up menu doesn’t list an “Embed in Button” option and I don’t see any options to edit the menu settings to add that option.

I also don’t see this “Embed in Button” when completing the bullseye swiftui project.

What I found is that Xcode also no longer puts a Text(“Placeholder”) like it does in the beta version of the book. So, if you are reading this, and need help, it appears you can just add a Button from the Library and it will end up looking like the code in the book.

@naotme @jmann99999 You can download the latest version of the book over here:

I hope it helps!

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