Chapter 3 - No such module 'RxRelay'

Reopening this topic because I am still encountering this issue.
Doesn’t look like a resolution was reached in the previous locked thread Chapter 3 RxRelay

I have checked the “Build Active Scheme” box but still see the error.
It’s preventing me from performing any of the work using Relays.

I’m currently running Xcode 12.5.1 and see this error after running ./ and opening the workspace file.


I had the same issue. The problem was missing files and that folder is not completed.
Do this,

  1. create a new Xcode project with name “RxSwiftPlayground”
  2. close the project and open the terminal and run pod init
    ( I assume you already have coco pod install )
  3. open the pod file and
    pod ‘RxSwift’, ‘5.1.1’
    pod ‘RxCocoa’, ‘~> 5.1.0’
  4. save and run pod install
  5. copy the ./ file into the new project you create
  6. run the ./ and clear the XCode project
    it will solve the issue.
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