Chapter 28 - Selecting Category Causes Crash

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 7.09.11 PM

I just finished Chapter 28 - Locations Tab. When I try to add or edit a category, I get this error message after I select the category. I compared my code to the source code (from those files that changed since the last chapter.) I tried it on multiple simulators and on my iPhone 11 - same results. I deleted the database file, cleaned the build, deleted the derived data files, erased all content and settings on the simulator, deleted the app from my iPhone, and rebooted - same result. Here is the thing (there is always a thing, isnโ€™t there?) If I comment out the tableView(_:didSelectRowAt) method in the CategoryPickerViewController.swift file, everything works as it should with the exception of the checkmark on the category field.

As always, thanks for the help

MacBook Pro 2012
Catalina 10.15.6
Xcode 11.7
Target Device iOS 13.5
iPhone 11 iOS 13.5.1 (my phone)

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