Chapter 27 - iOS Apprentice - where did SceneDelegate go?

On page 696, a reference to “persistentContiner” is added to SceneDelegate class. Then on page 700, the book notes that SceneDelegate now needs some way to pass the NSManagedObjectContext to the first view controller. Then, the text states to change application(: didFInishLaunchWithOptions:) method to: func scene( scene: UIScene . . . .

The book suggests to replace a function in AppDelegate with a function in scene delegate. This seemed rather odd. So, I went to the resource files to see if there was a typo in the book. When you go to the resource files, SceneDelegate.swift isn’t in the files at all. This seems to be a big bug, no?

I had the same problem:

The old instructions aren’t updated, only the updated SceneDelegate code snippet.

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