Chapter 22 - Can't connect IBOutlet to Message Label

I starting MyLocations in iOS Apprentice 8.3.0 with XCode 12. I’ve added the IBOutlets in CurrentLocationViewController and all the labels to the Tag Scene. When I ctrl-drag from the Message label to the IBOutlet, it doesn’t connect. I’ve tried dragging from the outline and that doesn’t connect either. One note is that the initial view controller has been deleted from the storyboard and a tab bar controller has been dragged to the storyboard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

@steveb_la Thanks very much for your question!

The first thing I would ask is, have you linked the CurrentLocationViewController to the screen in the storyboard? I believe what you are referring to as the “tag scene”? Please check and make sure that you have done this.

Thank you, Syedfa. I had missed that part. I needed to change the class on the Tag Scene to CurrentLocationViewController. I will update my notes on the tab bar controller issue.

@steveb_la Happy to help!

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