Chapter 20 Button Shape Expands in Live Preview

Thank you for writing such an incredible resource for aspiring iOS dev’s. I’m absolutely loving the book! I’ve completed other tutorials/books that avoid or overlook important detail you cover that has provided much deeper insight into how/why things work.

While coding along in chapter 20, I notice that the Create New button height expands larger during live preview. I’ve verified this occurs in the final app provided for this chapter when I change the target from iOS 14 to 15.4. So it appears this may be due to changes in iOS.


The button seems to retain its shape once I apply a padding modifier directly after createButton.

.padding(.bottom, 10)

@Audrey any thoughts?

Interesting. Especially as it it differs between preview and live preview. Yes, it does appear to be a difference between OSes. Thank you for providing a solution.

I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book :smiling_face:.

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