Chapter 2 Tiled Maps. Automatically place groups of tiled map, is that possible?

I’m on Chapter 2, where it talks about using the Gridsnapper and placing tiles. I don’t understand, am I really supposed to drag out each of the several hundred tiles out, individually, and roughly place them, exactly as they are already placed in the Sprite Editor, in to the scene view, and then use the gridsnapper to simply snap them in place? It showed on page 52 that I could select a bunch of images at once, and hold Alt to drag them all out as separate gameobjects, but then they just stack on top of each other in the same space. Is there not a way to simply highlight a group of tiled maps, and drag them out, and have them automatically line up from right to left, or left to right, or top to bottom, or whatever?

Unity already has its own built in tilemap asset, where you can simply paint tiles that automatically snap to the grid, and I think you can select multiple tiles at once and have it paint entire selections down at once. Why does it seem like this book is showing me the absolute slowest and most inefficient way to do this?